Residential Services

High quality service since 1995

Superior Insealators, a family-owned and independently operated company, has been serving the Southern and Central (including Indianapolis and Anderson) Indiana and Louisville, KY, areas since 1995. We are knowledge leaders in insulation and provide homeowners with insulating expertise, planning and high quality installations you can trust.

Since winters are cold and summers are hot, it’s important to have a properly insulated home so you and your family are comfortable and you can save on your monthly heating and cooling bills. 

Our reputation for integrity and our total commitment to quality have garnered great reviews and a loyal customer base. We offer a wide range of services and expertise to help create the quality home environment you and your family deserve.

Superior Insealators doesn’t offer just one solution. We are proud to offer a wide variety of services designed to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and health and safety of your residence. In fact, we offer the most comprehensive product and service package in the area. Customers appreciate our energy guarantee.

You can expect:

A well insulated home

We Can Complete Any Project:

  • New Home Construction
  • Retrofits/Renovations
  • Pole Barns
  • Attics & Attic Conversions
  • Bonus Rooms
  • Conditioned Crawlspaces
  • Fiberglass Batt Insulation
  • Blow-in Insulation (Cellulose & Fiberglass)
  • Cellulose Dense Packing
  • Waterproofing
  • Air Barriers
  • Complete Energy Audits
  • Infrared Camera Imaging

Spray foam insulation delivers superior results for each of these characteristics. But the product is only as good as the installation. At Superior Insealators, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive, multiple-level training program for our installers so that you can be confident in our guarantee. 

Our Seal Team guarantees an effective installation aligned with your design so you can build creatively and achieve your goals.

By sealing gaps, cracks and holes within the building envelope and creating air barrier continuity, spray foam helps create a more energy efficient environment, reducing heating and cooling costs of buildings. In addition, it minimizes the amount of allergens and pollutants entering the building, therefore helping to create an improved air quality for occupants.  Spray foam insulation also positively affects the quality of the building’s envelope, it’s durability and structural integrity.. 

Expert Technicians

How are we better and different? We have specialized equipment that allows us to install in any area of your home. Whether it’s a small job or a complicated project, everything will be completed quickly and on time. In fact, we have an on-time installation guarantee. We’re also knowledgeable about all required codes. Our energy and air quality expertise extends to insulating places like unvented attics, crawl spaces and home theaters.

We are committed to always bringing clients the latest and most effective products available. After we’re done, we do a thorough clean up. We have a systematic approach to home installations – efficient, on time and detail-oriented.

Expert technician installing spray foam

Our Most Popular Residential Services

Air Barriers

If you’re planning on building new or if your heating and cooling bills are higher than they should be, you will want to consider an air barrier system. We can help improve any building so that airflow in and out is significantly reduced. Having a good air barrier not only helps reduce your energy costs, it also guarantees a more comfortable living and work environment.


Buildings need structural and foundation waterproofing to ensure there's no water damage to your home. At Superior Insealators, we offer both above-grade and below-grade waterproofing for newly constructed as well as existing buildings. It is crucial to seal structures from groundwater. Our experts can help ensure your home is properly protected.