5 Questions You Should Ask Your Builder When Getting Started

Unless you have a background in construction or architecture, it can be difficult to follow all the details involved in building a home or business. When you hire a commercial builder, you rely on them to make your vision come to life, and expect them to make decisions for the benefit of the final result. The best way to ensure a construction project will be a success is to communicate with your builders. Asking questions to be sure you are on the same page will help you to stop mistakes before they happen.  While many questions could come up during the process of building any structure, some are better asked before the process ever begins. Here, we’re sharing five essential questions you should ask your builder when you get started on a new construction project:

1. What is included in the total price of the project?

  Hidden costs are one of the hazards of doing business in any industry, but while many people are used to discovering unexpected items on their final bill, this shouldn’t be the case when it comes to construction. An honest, experienced builder will lay out various packages clearly with clear line items and prices. When you ask what is included in the price of the project, experienced builders will show you several package options, offering you everything from bare-bones construction to options with all the features. If particular finishes (like HVAC or hardwood flooring) are important to you, asking whether these features are included ahead of time will save you disappointment, time, and money.

2. Can you show me examples of finished projects?

  Once a builder tells you what they can do and shows you the package options they offer, ask them to show you photos of similar projects they have completed. If well prepared, a builder will be able to show you plenty of examples of their work, which will give you a better visual idea of what your final product will look like. If they don’t have any photos or visual examples, they may not be being honest about their experience. In addition to asking for visual examples of finished projects, it is also appropriate to ask a builder if they can show you reviews from previous customers. Reviews are often more telling than a company’s self-promotion since customers won’t hold back from sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you find that a company has stellar reviews from lots of customers, you can feel a little more confident entrusting them with your project.

3. Where do you source your materials?

  Construction projects utilize a vast array of tools and materials, and no matter how well you may prepare, there will inevitably be a need for more materials during the process. Waiting for materials is one of the most common delays of the commercial construction process since suppliers often have multiple orders to fill at once and ship across the country or even overseas. Before committing to a building company, ask them where they source their materials and find out if they have a good relationship with their suppliers. Some suppliers are known for great prices but poor customer service, whereas others may have a more limited supply but premium shipping and delivery services. While there will always be tradeoffs, be sure any builder you work with can show that they will be accountable for sourcing high-quality materials on budget and on time.

4. What do you use to insulate walls?

  Insulation is one of the most important components of any building, protecting against heat, cold, humidity, and even sound. Traditional pink fiberglass insulation is quickly going out of style thanks to the ‘new kid on the block’ – spray foam insulation – so think twice if your builder answers with ‘fiberglass.’ Spray foam insulation is the most efficient way to protect your home or business from dips or spikes in temperature, leaks, moisture, and sound pollution. At Superior Insealators, we work with countless builders who trust us to insulate their projects of every size; we apply premium spray foam insulation that creates an impenetrable barrier against drafts and leaks and can even help stave off mold and mildew with superior moisture control.

5. Do you offer a warranty?

  Even with lots of oversight and your involvement with the building process, it is impossible to guarantee that you will be totally satisfied with the final results of a construction project. Because it is reasonable to expect that you will want changes or improvements made, ask your builders whether they offer a warranty to provide those services even after a project is formally completed. Discover your spray foam insulation options when you visit Superior Insealators online today, or reach out to our team for a FREE estimate!

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