Schneck Professional Building

Seymour, Indiana

General Contractor | Pepper Construction

The 84,000 square foot Schneck Professional Building and Parking Garage will provide the hospital system with outpatient expansion opportunities to add many new physicians to continue providing exceptional care to the community. The 5-story building provides flexible clinic space along with 2-story classrooms as a focal point. The addition of a 5-floor parking garage aligned with the Medical Office Building (MOB) will allow patients easy access to the new services and will reorganize the campus wayfinding by creating a distinct Outpatient Service Entrances.

Superior Insealators provided a Icynene ProSeal Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation and Air Barrier system that was installed to the exterior walls prior to the installation of the brick and metal panel facades. The Icynene thermal/air barrier system helps the building maintain the proper temperatures and humidity level that are critical at the healthcare facility.