Maryland Heights Community Center

St. Louis, Missouri

General Contractor | K&S Associates

Architect | Cannon Designs

The City of Maryland Heights’ new $30 million community center features 92,000 square foot of space that offers a wide range of amenities designed to meet the diverse recreational, fitness and lifestyle needs of the Maryland Heights community. These amenities include a 12,800 square foot double-court gymnasium, an aquatic center, fitness center, indoor walking/jogging track, preschool/play center areas, a senior lounge, a 4,750 square foot rental space with seating for 400+ people, and multiple program/activity/meeting rooms.

Superior Insealators provided an Icynene Proseal Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation and Air Barrier System applied to the exterior walls prior to installation of the brick facade. The use of spray foam for this project was especially critical to allow the architect to meet the design intent. Because the Icynene spray foam can adapt and fill irregular substrates and spaces, the architect was able to use rounded and curved walls to meet the owners desire and look yet still maintain a high performance and efficient building.

The installation of this system was verified by multiple third-party groups who performed Commissioning on the entire building upon completion. This project was also monitored and inspected utilizing the Quality Assurance Program by the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA).