Eli Lilly – K302 Lab

Indianapolis, Indiana

General Contractor | Messer Construction

Architect | BSA Lifestructures

Eli Lilly constructed the $70 million research facility that puts all 200 of its Indianapolis small-molecule scientists under one roof, working in labs with more flexibility and collaborative space than they have ever had.

The building figures to be a scientific boost to Lilly’s small-molecule development program, which has taken something of a back seat to large-molecule biologics that have enjoyed over $1 billion in new R&D investments in recent years. Since the 130,000-square-foot building is designed to hold about 300 scientists, more hiring growth could be realized in the future.

The building has a dramatic, all-glass three-story front and is built on a grassy area once occupied by part of a massive Curtiss-Wright airplane propeller plant that Lilly bought after World War II and razed in 2008.

Superior Insealators utilized the Henry Air-bloc 16MR and Air-bloc 32MR Fluid-applied Air, Water, and Vapor Barrier Membrane System for all exterior walls to ensure the building is air and water tight. It was very critical that both temperature and humidity is able to be controlled within the space of this building so an effective air barrier system helps to ensure this. The system also aids in creating a highly energy efficient building.