Summer Solutions: Why Spray Foam Insulation is the Cooler Choice

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The dog days of summer are certainly here, and your air-conditioning is probably running non-stop. Remember, proper insulation won’t just trap cool air inside, it will keep it inside.

Did you know that 90% of single-family homes are under insulated? If you want to keep temperatures comfortable while saving on energy bills, the professionals at Superior Insealators recommend you talk with us and let us replace or add a more cost-effective insulation option for you. We highly recommend Icynene® Spray Foam, and if you’ve been reading our blog, you already know many of the reasons why. This summer, as your fans or air-conditioning units are running, take a look at the difference spray foam can make for you.

What is Icynene Spray Foam?

Icynene is an air barrier, which means it prevents the flow of air in and out of your home, whether it’s hot air in the summer or cold air in the winter. It expands when it’s sprayed, so it doesn’t require as much to achieve the same dense level of effective insulation material necessary for most living areas.

Whether you have a new home or are renovating your existing home, Icynene Spray Foam adheres to most substances: wood, concrete, steel. Icynene seals walls, floors and ceiling cavities against air movement. This includes spaces around light fixtures and electrical outlets, as well as the places where walls meet windows and doors. Places where traditional insulation may be tricky are no match for spray foam.

Spray Foam is Water Resistant

Another advantage of spray foam insulation is that it repels moisture, which eliminates the growth of mold. Not all insulation products can claim that. For those who suffer from mold allergies, this is an especially nice benefit. Did you know that Icynene spray foam is even rated as being a flood resistant material by FEMA?

Spray Foam is a Greener Choice

If you’re concerned about environmentally friendly products, spray foam is a greener alternative to traditional insulation, such as fiberglass. Spray foam can improve the quality of air inside your home. Homeowners who have asthma, allergies or chemical sensitivities will find spray foam to be a better choice. Here’s how it works: Spray foam is able to form a barrier that cannot be penetrated by pollen, dust and other pollutants. Because of this barrier, spray foam is able to resist the infiltration of moisture, as mentioned above, which prevents mold growth.

While the cost of spray foam is a little higher than some of the less effective choices, it does help to protect your family in the long run, which is worth it. Remember, products such as fiberglass could contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. If you go with fiberglass, please consult with professionals who can install it safely to reduce the risks of exposure.

It’s Not Always What, but WHERE You Apply Your Insulation

Effective insulation isn’t only about what materials you use, but where you install it. Some of the most important places to apply insulation are:

  • attic
  • exterior walls
  • basement
  • overhangs
  • floors above garages
  • crawl spaces

The professionals at Superior Insealators will work with you to ensure your home has the most effective, cost-efficient insulation for your needs. We do recommend Icynene Spray Foam because it has proven to be the best. We can also install a variety of other products based on your specific needs. Contact us today and let us go to work for you this summer!

Superior Insealators is an ABAA (Air Barrier Association of America) Certified Insulation Contractor.


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