Spray Foam Insulation Solves Commercial Building Problems

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When operations at the County Downs bleach-works factory ceased in May 2008, the opportunity to convert the 16,000 sq.ft. space into film and television studios was presented to owners Ulster Weavers. Converting the vast factory spaces into usable sound stages required the owners to seek modern construction materials, such as spray foam insulation. Quality was of utmost importance. The studios were in the filming location for the second and third seasons of the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones.

Noise from road traffic as well as aircraft from nearby airports was a concern for the studio’s owners as well as for any production crew considering using the space. With chilly autumnal and winter weather common within the region, thermal comfort was a top priority for the converted studio spaces. The studio owners wanted to find ways to prevent condensation from occurring on the underside of the roof during filming, while also finding a solution that could provide thermal comfort.

To ensure that external airborne sounds were reduced and condensation was prevented, the studio owners considered using Icynene® spray foam insulation. Icynene’s open-cell, light-density spray foam – LD-C-50 – has excellent sound absorption characteristics and is able to minimize both flanking and airborne noises. These sound dampening qualities are ideal for film studios where minimal sound disruption is critical.

Certified Icynene spray foam professionals were able to successfully install the spray foam within two days helping ensure that any delays in film production were kept to an absolute minimum.

By installing Icynene light-density, open-cell spray foam, the studio owners were able to make use of new areas that were not used before. The spray foam and its sound dampening qualities helped ensure that these new studio spaces were brought up to the high standard expected for film production. Installation of the spray foam now provides actors, production crews and studio employees the opportunity to work in comfort throughout the changing seasons. External sounds are now significantly minimized. Inside, the thermal comfort is high while the probability of condensation on the ceiling is low helping avoid any costly production delays.

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