Intumescent & Thermal Barrier Fire Coatings

Intumescent and Thermal Barrier Fire Coatings provide additional fire protection over Spray Polyurethane Foam. Intumescent Coatings expand or swell when exposed to fire or radiant heat, thereby protecting the material underneath. Not all coatings are created equal and not every coating is approved for application over every brand of foam. We pride ourselves on understanding the particular building code requirements for both residential and commercial buildings and can choose a combination of foam and coating that will ensure your project meets  all applicable code requirements.

Our preferred partner for fireproof technology is International Fireproof Technology.  Their state-of-the art fire retardants, thermal barrier coatings, fire coating for wood, steel gypsum and firestop products are approved for use with the range of products we install. 

Intumescent & Thermal Barrier Fire Coating Application

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