Cold Floor Issues

Cold Floors are a Problem

Temperatures are dropping and the chill in the wind is here. If your home still has that chill in the air, your issue might be hiding under the floor, or in the attic. Unfortunately, you may be wasting energy while trying to stay warm.

If you have a basement, here are some things to look for:

  • Is there HVAC in your basement?
  • Is there missing or damaged insulation?
  • Do you see moisture on the walls?
  • Is there evidence of insects getting in from the outside?
  • Is there any standing water?

If you have a crawlspace:

  • Do you have vents in your crawlspace walls? What’s their condition?
  • Are you missing a vapor barrier or is your current vapor barrier torn or incomplete?
  • Do you see moisture on the walls?
  • Is there any standing water?
  • Do you have any HVAC in your crawlspace?
  • If there are waterlines, are they exposed?
  • Is your crawlspace access insulated and sealed?
  • Is there missing or damaged insulation either on the walls, under the floor or in the band joists?

The good news is Superior Insealators can help. We can come to your home and offer a free inspection and quote. Using our spray foam technology we can bring your crawlspace or basement into the insulation area of your home. Or, if it makes sense, we can insulate the bottom of your floors and remove your basement or crawlspace from the building envelope.

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