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If you need home insulation work done in Evansville, IN, then Superior Insealators is here to help you. We're an independent, family-owned and -operated company dedicated to maximizing energy efficiency in homes throughout the Evansville area. We've been providing energy-saving insulation services to the community for close to 25 years, and we have some of the most advanced equipment in the industry.

Customers appreciate our:
  • Reputation for being fast
  • Punctual staff members
  • Free quotes and estimates

Top-quality spray foam insulation

Here at Superior Insealators, we specialize in providing insulation services using state-of-the-art spray foam applications. Spray foam insulation can greatly increase your home's energy efficiency, helping reduce your monthly energy costs. Insulating your home in Evansville with spray foam doesn't give off any harmful emissions. In fact, it reduces the number of allergens and pollutants your family is exposed to. Spray foam insulation is resistant to mold and water, and it can even help dampen sounds. If you have a home insulation project you need completed in Evansville, leave it to the professionals at Superior Insealators.

Highly rated waterproofing service

We're the insulation contractor to trust if you want to waterproof your home in Evansville. Whether you need waterproofing done on new construction or older homes, we have the tools and experience to do the job right. We work directly with the major suppliers of the top waterproofing products and equipment to ensure that every application is done to the highest standards.

Air barrier application in Evansville

The key to great home performance is keeping air from entering or exiting your home. Superior Insealators offers the most comprehensive options for air barrier systems in Evansville. Our team can help you choose the right option for your home's construction.

We're known for:
  • Providing energy saving services to all areas of your home
  • Taking care of the whole process from installation to cleanup
  • Having the most comprehensive product and service packages in the area
  • Our total commitment to quality

If you're searching for a friendly and professional insulation contractor that serves Evansville, look no further than Superior Insealators. We know the importance of keeping your home safe and comfortable. To learn more, give us a call.

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